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01 February

September 28th, 2015


At faculty council it was brought up that 90% of academic dishonesty cases for engineering students come from non-engineering courses. It was mentioned that Comp 1012 uses a software to identify plagiarism.


Dean Beddoes updated the faculty on the plans for the Stanley Pauley Engineering Building (SPEB) which is planned to be started in 2018. The current plan is to have a three level building where the music annex is currently located. This building will have undergraduate labs, mostly for ECE, as well as graduate and faculty office space. The 3rd level of the SPEB would be reserved for ECE offices while the existing ECE offices would be converted into Co-op and IEEQ offices. This would free up space in EITC which will be used for other purposes. The new offices in the SPEB would allow the library to be expanded and the 6 offices facing the library to be converted into student study rooms.


UMES representatives:

Hunter Loewen and André Marchildon