UMES rents lockers within the Engineering Information and Technology Complex (EITC) out to students on an annual basis. Locker sales begin during the first week of the Fall semester and are open to all students who attend the University of Manitoba.

Lockers in the EITC are typically in high demand and are sold on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis. As such, it is recommended for students who would like to increase the likelihood of locker availability to come early and line up at The Window.

Half-Sized Lockers are sold in the EITC E3-300 Level. Full-Sized Lockers are sold in the EITC E2-100 Level, EITC E3-100 Level, and EITC E3-200 Level.

Students must bring their Student ID as well as full cash payment for the transaction to be completed.

Please contact the UMES Merchandise Directorship (via for additional information.


Locker FAQs


How do I rent a locker?

Lockers are rented in person at The Window.


How much is it to rent a locker?

Full-sized lockers are available for *$30 and must be shared by two engineering students.  Both students are not required to be present at the time of rental as long as 2 names and email addresses (UofM or otherwise) are given.

Half-sized lockers are available for *$15 and can be rented individually.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash payment only.  We do not accept debit/credit card payments.


Where are the lockers located?


Full Lockers are located in:

·  #001 – 085   E3-200 level, main hallway

·  #086 – 113   E3-100 level, basement stairwell

·  #114 – 231   E3-100 level, main hallway

·  #232 – 270   E3-100 level, main tunnel between Architecture/ University Center

· #360 – 415   E2-100 level, main hallway

Half Lockers are located in:

·  #271 – 354   E2-300 level, hallway behind Engineering Library


Can I request a specific locker or area?

Yes, you can at the time of your initial locker rental.  Locker assignments are final!  UMES will do their best to accommodate your request.


Can I request a locker for Fall now and Winter later?

Locker rentals span both terms; rentals for individual terms are not available.


When can I start to use my locker?

You can start to use your locker on the first day of class.  Please do not place locks on any lockers beforehand as you risk having your lock cut off .


Are lockers refundable if I change my mind?

No, they are not.


How many people are assigned to a locker?

All lockers are shared by two individuals (except half-sized lockers in EITC E1-300 level).  Both people must be engineering students.


Can I choose my locker partner?

Yes, it is encouraged to have arrangements prior to renting a locker.  UMES does not assign partners for you.


Can I change lockers?

No.  All locker assignments are final.  No changes will be permitted.  Please choose your preferred area/locker number before coming to The Window.


What if I don’t have a locker partner?

Half-sized lockers are available which can have single occupancy.


Is a lock provided?

No.  You may provide your own lock or purchase one at The Window for *$5.


What is the best type of lock?

UMES recommends high-security Master Locks.


Does UMES sell locks?

Yes!  UMES sells MasterLock Padlocks for only *$5.


What if I cannot open my lock (lost a key or combination)?

In the event a lock combination is lost, photo ID must be presented to UMES by the locker occupant.


Can I leave my laptop in my locker?

Students are personally responsible for the contents of their lockers.  It is not advisable to leave valuables (laptop computers, wallets, jewelry, etc.) in lockers.  

UMES will not, under any circumstances, accept responsibility for the loss, damage, removal of locks or locker contents, or the loss of locker contents after removal.


When do lockers have to be emptied out?

All locks and contents of lockers must be removed by April 30th.  As of May 1st, any remaining locks and/or contents will be removed from all lockers.


Someone else is using my locker.  What do I do?

Please contact the Merchandise Directorship in person or by email ( to have a notice of eviction posted on your locker.





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