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Lounge Location: EITC E1-516 

The University of Manitoba Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineers (CSME) chapter is student group composed of members from all engineering departments. We offer a range of events and opportunities for our members, as well as a place to meet others and build a support network amongst peers. Our members range from 1st year to final year students, making CSME a great environment for knowledge transfer. We have various professional and less-than professional events throughout the year. Each term CSME hosts a networking event with industry professionals, organizes a PUB crawl, participates in various intramural teams, and UMES events. We also boast a great lounge space for a guaranteed study spot when the library is crammed during exam season. We offer free printing for members, access to a library of old textbooks and study materials, low cost study snacks, available locker spaces and a kitchenette. We also have various games and gaming systems within our lounge, making us the self-proclaimed masters of Super Smash Bros. and cribbage. 



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Lounge Location: EITC E1-508

The Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE) was founded 1887 to help develop and maintain high standards of Civil Engineering practice in Canada while also enhancing the public image of the profession. CSCE aims to encourage research and study in all branches of knowledge related to Civil Engineering, and to encourage the exchange of information among members of CSCE. 

The major annual event CSCE is involved in is the Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race. GNCTR involves the racing of a 300 lb concrete toboggan carrying 5 students down a hill at speeds over 50 km/hr. In 2009, U of M finished 1st, taking home the honour of World's Greatest Concrete Toboggan.



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Lounge Location: EITC E1-519 

The Canadian Society for Biosystems Engineers chapter at the University of Manitoba is located in E1-519. The 2013/2014 year brought major changes to our group as a small number of members took it upon themselves to refurbish our space. From that point forward we aimed to bring back activities from the Biosystems department’s past such as the annual BBQ, which last year showed the largest attendance ever. This year we hope to add industry tours to help students make connections within the engineering industry as well as to hold at least one social. 

In addition to making connections with industry partners, members are given access to the upstairs lounge. Last year saw the replacement of all the furniture, as well as the addition of a high-power gaming computer, new printer and 50-inch flat screen TV for member use. Whether you are in your 1st year trying to decide on a department or in your graduating year, the CSBE lounge is a great place to come make friends who are going through the same courses that you are.



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Lounge Location: EITC E2-442

The Engineering Access Student Association (EASA) is the student council that represents the Indigenous students in the Engineering Access Program (ENGAP). The council puts on various events and activities during the school year to promote a welcoming environment for the ENGAP students. To join EASA you must be of Aboriginal ancestry and be a member of ENGAP. To become a member please come visit our lounge, call us at (204) 474-9872 or send us an email.



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Lounge Location: EITC E1-513 & EITC E1-514 

The University of Manitoba student branch of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (UMIEEE) is a non-profit organization managed by a team of dedicated student volunteers. Our mission is to provide students with the space and equipment necessary to maximize learning opportunities and enhance education. UMIEEE provides a laboratory environment congruent to the Electrical and Computer Engineering labs operated by the University of Manitoba, enabling students to expand their knowledge outside of the classroom. Furthermore, UMIEEE offers a generous lounge space for students to work, socialize, and relax.

UMIEEE strives to engage students through workshops and networking events, which allow students to enrich their knowledge and develop their professional communication skills. Each academic year we host a handful of technical workshops about the Arduino and Raspberry Pi embedded devices, as well as the typesetting language LaTeX. We also host multiple networking events each semester in which professional engineers practicing electrical and computer engineering are invited to speak about their careers and industries. Students are given the opportunity to ask questions and speak to these professionals, and in doing so, develop their professional communication skills and gain a richer understanding of industry jobs and opportunities. These technical workshops and networking events give students the opportunity to learn from their peers and communicate directly with employers from the industry.

UMIEEE intends to continue to upgrade our equipment and facilities and strengthen relationships between the student body and industry, to offer students the best opportunities for learning and professional development. Our success would not be possible without the contributions of our generous sponsors.

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Lounge Location: E3-393

The Women of Manitoba Engineering Network (WOMEN) was established on the heels of the 2016 annual conference hosted by the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students, the Conference on Diversity in Engineering (CDE), which aims to promote discussion on diversity in the field of engineering.

As a student group, WOMEN aims to promote opportunities and to create a sense of community for female-identifying engineering students at the UofM. Since its formulation in January 2017, WOMEN has recruited over 60 members and has participated in many outreach and professional networking events. The following includes, but does not limit, the goals of WOMEN: increase program accessibility by advertising opportunities for female-identifying engineering students, provide a mentorship program for female-identifying first year students, host panel discussions for students of all genders to discuss issues surrounding gender in engineering, host technical workshops such as bicycle building and welding, and host events featuring female members in industry.



UM EngiQueers (UMEQ)

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Office Location: EITC E3-572 

EngiQueers Canada is a national nonprofit organization that strives to improve the state of diversity and inclusion of queer (2SLGBTQ+) people in engineering in Canada. It was founded in 2013 by a small group of McMaster students, and now has over 30 chapters across nine provinces.

The University of Manitoba chapter of EngiQueers was formed in 2018. We focus on faciliating events and supporting initiatives related to social connection, advocacy and education, and professional development for queer students and their allies.

Follow us @UMEngiQueers on Instagram and Facebook for events info and news updates!






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