Jasper Caners

The Senior Stick is a spokesperson and representative for all undergraduate engineering students. The Senior Stick maintains communication with the Dean and Associate Dean on all topics related to UMES members. The Senior Stick oversees the activities and proceedings of UMES, as well as actively working with UMSU and other senior students at the University, all to support the needs of the engineering undergraduate students. ss@umes.mb.ca

The Senior Stick

Zaid Ziayulrehman Munshi

The Secretary helps to ensure that the administrative activities of UMES Council proceed smoothly. The Secretary is primarily responsible for taking accurate minutes, the official record of meeting discussions and actions, at all UMES Council meetings. They also oversee the First Year Council (FYC). The Secretary assists other UMES Council members in many other ways, helping them to serve Engineering students more efficiently. secretary@umes.mb.ca


Rafae Shami

The Vice Stick Communications is responsible for strengthening communications between UMES Council and Engineering students. This is done through the use of the website, social media and other mediums of communication. vsc@umes.mb.ca

Vice Stick Communications

Tim Veldhuis

The Vice Stick External is your contact person with APEGM and other engineering student societies across Canada. The VSE is responsible for sending students to Engineering conferences, which are a great way to meet fellow engineering students from all over the country. The VSE also organizes the University of Manitoba Engineering Competition (UMEC), which is an event featuring various competition categories testing your design and communication skills. If you are interested in attending a conference or competition, or would like more information about APEGM or other local and national engineering organizations, please contact the VSE. vse@umes.mb.ca

Vice Stick External

Simran Gill

The Vice Stick Internal is UMES’ primary liaison to the Faculty and to the Technical Societies and therefore works closely with each of these organizations. The VSI also works to maintain the various student spaces around the EITC and oversees the Grad, Merch, Sustainability, and Yearbook directorships, as well as the Equity Officer. vsi@umes.mb.ca

Vice Stick Internal

Jade Shaelene

The Vice Stick Socials works with the directorships that help fill your social calendar with fun sporting events and parties. The VSS is also responsible for helping coordinate volunteers for all UMES events. vss@umes.mb.ca

Vice Stick Socials

Toby Szkop

The Vice Stick Academic is the academic advocate for Engineering students. The VSA is responsible for communicating with the Faculty and its departments regarding academic issues, coordinating student representation on academic committees, and assisting individual students with their academic problems. If you are having difficulty dealing with a professor, need help in launching an appeal, or have questions or concerns about course content or academic rules and regulations, please contact the VSA. vsa@umes.mb.ca

Vice Stick Academic

Brook Rivard

The Vice Stick Finance organizes and oversees the finances of UMES Council. During the summer, the VSF compiles and reviews UMES's annual budget to ensure that all spending will be in the best interest of engineering students. Throughout the year, the VSF makes sure that UMES's activities are carried out in a financially responsible manner. The VSF also chairs the UMES finance committee. vsf@umes.mb.ca

Vice Stick Finance


Victor Aderinto

The Vice Stick Corporate Relations is responsible for creating and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with the corporate partners of UMES. The VSCR also oversees the Professional Development directorship, which organizes events that facilitate relationship building between undergraduate students and the professional engineering community. vscr@umes.mb.ca

Vice Stick Corporate Relations




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