The University of Manitoba Engineering Society (UMES) is the main student group for engineering students at the University of Manitoba. All engineering students are members of the group and UMES serves as a representative of the students to the Faculty, University, and other engineering schools across the country. UMES also puts on a number of social, academic, professional development, and networking events throughout the year for all students in Engineering. The UMES council is made up of eight executive members and thirteen directorships. Six executive members are elected by the engineering student body each year in the middle of the winter term. The other two executive members and all of the directorships are appointed by a committee consisting of members of the outgoing and incoming UMES executive. Together the council works in order to improve engineering student life at the University of Manitoba. If you have questions for a specific executive member or directorship please check out the detailed descriptions by following the links on the sidebar. If you have any general questions about UMES please contact the Senior Stick.






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