The Great Engineering Pi-Throw is an annual charity event that is held to raise funds to many local charities. Whipped cream pies are purchased by engineering students and staff and are delivered anonymously to the faces of people in the EITC. This week long campaign has previously raised funds for organizations including Career Trek, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Habitat for Humanity, and Camp Quality.

Pi-ers get a chance to buy pies for $5 and choose when their friends and professors will get pied. Pi-ees are notified of their pi-ing at the beginning of the class and can choose if they wish to participate in the event. If they choose to participate, pi-ees have three options  

  1. Redirect the pie for $5
  2. Cancel the pie for $10
  3. Take the pie to the face

The Great Engineering Pi-Throw is an entertaining and philanthropic event that is near to the hearts of engineering students and alumni. Each year, there is a buzz in the air when Pi-Throw approaches and students can be seen scurrying to the nearest ATM machine to ensure that "protection money" is on hand. Be sure to mark the Great Engineering Pi-Throw in your calendar and as the date approaches you may consider bringing along some "protection money".

Note: Participation in the Pi-Throw is encouraged, but not mandatory. Students can choose not to participate in the Pi-Throw if they wish.

For more information, please contact the  Community Involvement Directorship.




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