Engineering Orientation (EngO) is the first step of a Direct Entry Engineering students' career at the University of Manitoba. It is an event run during the same time as University 1 Orientation. The Frost Integration Directorship organizes the event in order to ease the students transition from high school. EngO is a long-standing tradition at the University of Manitoba and introduces new students to the engineering culture, to their new peers and to senior students. 

During EngO, new students can expect activities that include: information workshops, campus tour, presentations, technical society fair, evening activities, design competition and more. Students will also receive free lunch, supper and swag. 

EngO is different than the regular University 1 Orientation because it is only for direct entry engineering students. These students will meet their fellow peers that they will be with for their entire student career at the U of M. EngO is geared towards engineering students, with events occuring throughout the day to encourage creativity, ingenuity, and thinking outside the box, all common skills an engineer must have. Additionally, EngO strives to be the best at introducing new students to the faculty and the university as a whole, as it is specifically designed to encourage meeting fellow first year engineering students and being able to ask questions to older engineering students. New students will also be able to see and explore the various engineering buildings and classrooms, where they will be spending most of their time at the university. 

To learn more check out the EngO website or e-mail the UMES Frosh Directorship.




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