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SAE International

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The University of Manitoba Society of Automotive Engineers student chapter  is a non-profit student organization comprised of four teams that design and construct vehicles for entry into international competitions. These design teams include the Aero, Baja, Formula Electric and Formula 1 teams. These teams produce an R/C heavy-lifting plane, an off-road vehicle, an electric open wheeled race car and a combustion-powered open wheeled race car, respectively, each year. UMSAE provides students with a hands-on engineering learning experience that is not available in a classroom setting. The design teams give students the opportunity to develop design, communication, teamwork and project management skills which are essential in the workplace. If you have questions about the organization, any of its teams or how to get involved, feel free to stop and ask anyone wearing a UMSAE shirt or check out our website. UMSAE is a technical society that allows students to go beyond textbook theory and apply actual engineering principles to the real world task of designing, building and testing vehicles. With over 100 members, UMSAE is the largest technical society at the University of Manitoba and is also one of the largest SAE International based student groups in the world. UMSAE participates in annual competitions hosted by SAE International in conjunction with industry partners. They compete with teams from countries around the world such as Japan, Germany, Austria, Australia and many others. 

This society allows students to apply their skills to all aspects of a real world projects including analysis, design, manufacturing, testing and marketing. Through this process, students gain valuable experience and develop professionalism, teamwork, communication, technical and project management skills which will further help them in finding a job and in pursuing their engineering career.


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The University of Manitoba Space Applictions and Technology (UMSATS)  is a multidisciplinary student group with an overall mission to put the U of M into orbit. Our members are engaged in the various aspects of designing, prototyping, and building triple-cube nano satellites, as well as designing and implementing scientific payload experiments. UMSATS primarily participates in the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge, a two-year long national competition, and was awarded 2nd Place Overall in 2012, and the UrtheCast Outreach Award in 2014. Whether you are more academic, technical, or scientific, all talents are needed to help us be successful! To learn more about UMSATS visit our website, connect with us on social media (@umsats), or email


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The University of Manitoba Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race team (GNCTR) is a group of engineering students who compete annually against other engineering schools to design and build the fastest, safest, and most innovative toboggan which has a running surface of concrete. The toboggans are raced on a large snow hill near the hosting University's campus, and must also be displayed and presented for its technical aspects. The builds take place during the year and involve designing the skis, the frame, the brakes, the steering, and putting all the pieces together. The team also prepares a technical display for the competition, and promotes the team with spirit chants and costumes that match the toboggan's theme. Our team is currently preparing for the January 2020 competition in Toronto. To learn more about what we do, visit our website If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

WE Design

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WE Design is a University of Manitoba, student-operated organization comprised of undergraduate and graduate students from mechanical, electrical, computer, and biosystems engineering. We aim to promote green energy, by providing an opportunity for our students to develop professional skills in the designing, manufacturing, and project management of our small-scale wind turbine. After successfully completing our second prototype, we took it to the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen, Netherlands, for the International Small Wind Turbine Contest (ISWTC) in July 2019. Being the only North American team to compete on this international stage, we seek to continually improve our design and hone our skills for a better team and for a better world.


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The BioMedical Engineering Design (BMED) team exists to bring together students at the University of Manitoba interested in the biomedical field; specifically, to source and propogate knowledge pertaining to the biomedical field, and to apply this knowledge through biomedical oriented events, reserach, and tours. As a group, BMED also aims to provide its members with the following resources: a list of current biomedical engineering course options, industry in Manitoba, labs both on and off campus, and professors who are currently doing biomedical research at the University. To find out more about BMED, the biomedical field, or our upcoming events, you can visit our website: . For details on how to get involved, please email






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