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10 February

The February 3rd Senate meeting was relatively short and did not cover many topics 

pertaining specifically to Engineering. One particularly notable discussion, however, followed the 

annual report of the University Disciplinary Committee. It was noted that instances of plagiarism 

and inappropriate collaboration had increased over the last year and, as a result, some 

measures may need to be taken to prevent further increase. It was further noted that 

undergraduate student access to a plagiarism-checking software titled “iThenticate” (to which 

the University currently has limited access) would not be a feasible method of addressing the 

issue simply due to the implied cost and associated software restrictions. The possibility of 

granting student access to a similar program titled “Turnitin”, however, was discussed as a 

realistic possibility to be further examined in the future. 

It was also noted that revisions to the proposal concerning revised VW policies (as 

presented in the January 6th meeting) are ongoing. An updated proposal may be brought 

forward early as next month’s meeting.