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01 February

November 19th, 2015

The motion to restructure the Endowment, Capital and Operating funds was brought to council. The main initiatives to provide or increase funding for are Undergraduate Research Grants, Indigenous Students Scholarships and Bursaries, Child-care Space and Services and the Renovation of University Centre 1st Floor. These initiatives were created out of UMSU’s original campaign initiatives and the public consultation survey of all students. The ultimate outcome of the restructuring is a $32.20 increase in UMSU fees per semester.  UMES representatives moved to table the vote based on the grounds that councillors be given the opportunity to speak with their respective councils instead of a recommending a full referendum. This motion was defeated. The original motion was passed with a majority vote. UMES abstained from voting.

UMES representatives: Ryan Kostynuik and Ian Veloso