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The UMES website provides some information on the Faculty of Engineering, yet for a more complete details on the Faculty, please visit the Faculty of Engineering website For more information, you can also contact the Dean's office or the available undergraduate student advisors.

Also available are the Engineering Libraries.


The Dean's Office

The Dean's office offers students several unique services.  These include: 

  • Registration assistance
  • Scholarship applications
  • Answering any questions regarding the Faculty of Engineering
The Dean

Dr. Jonathan Beddoes, Ph. D., P. Eng.

EITC E2-290N

(204) 474-9806



Student Advisor

Victoria Hyra

EITC E1-284

(204) 474-9807




The following description was taken from the Biosystems Engineering Website:

The Department of Biosystems Engineering at University of Manitoba provides students with educational opportunities to pursue careers in the fields of environmental engineering, bioprocess engineering, biomedical engineering, and agriculture and natural resources. 

Please click here for more information.

Department Head

Danny Mann, Ph. D., P. Eng.

EITC E2-376

(204) 474-7149



Associate Head

Nazim Cicek, Ph. D., P. Eng.

EITC E2-376

(204) 474-6208




The following description was taken from the Civil Engineering website

Civil engineers plan, design, supervise construction, manage, and maintain facilities that are familiar to most people. They are involved with infrastructure and environmental projects such as bridges, dams, highways, water and wastewater treatment plants, airports, and flood control systems. Civil engineers increasingly use new technologies such as Geographical Information/Positioning Systems, advanced materials, remote sensing and monitoring in their projects. 

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Department Head

Dagmar Svecova, Ph.D., P. Eng.

EITC E1-368

(204) 474-9180



Associate Head (Undergraduate)

Karen Dow, Ph. D., P. Eng.

EITC E1-368

(204) 474-6960



Associate Head (Research)

Dimos Polyzois, Ph. D., P. Eng.

EITC E1-314

(204) 474-9379



Electrical & Computer

The following description was taken from the Electrical and Computer Engineering website

In our modern lives, we rely heavily on the work of electrical and computer engineers. Virtually all aspects of our daily activities are impacted in some way by electrical and electronic systems. Approximately eighty percent of all electrical devices contain at least one microprocessor. Just take a look around your home, school or business and consider how different your day would be without the benefits of electrical devices such as computers, televisions, automobiles, refrigerators and telephones. Electrical and computer engineers are the professionals who design, improve, and apply the electrical devices and systems that we use in our day-to-day lives. 

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Department Head

Joe LoVetri, Ph. D., P. Eng.

EITC E2-390C

(204) 474-6295



Associate Head (Graduate Studies)

Shaahin Filizadeh, Ph. D., P. Eng.

EITC E1-449

(204) 480-1401



Associate Head (Electrical Engineering)

Derek Oliver, Ph. D., P. Eng.

EITC E2-390G

(204) 474-9563



Associate Head (Computer Engineering)

Dean McNeill, Ph. D., P. Eng.

EITC E2-390J

(204) 474-8963




The following description was taken from the Mechanical Engineering website

Mechanical engineers use the principles of mechanics, materials and energy to design machines and processes. Many mechanical engineers work in energy, materials and mechanical design specialties such as biomechanical advanced materials design and application, alternate fuel and hybrid automotive design, building systems, and pollution control processes. Others are involved in improvement of health care delivery, product life design and recycle design, engine design, air quality control, aerospace design and technology development. 

Please click here for more information.

Department Head

David Kuhn, Ph. D., P. Eng.

EITC E2-327D

(204) 474-9803



Associate Head (Undergraduate)

Paul Labossiere, Ph. D., P. Eng.

EITC E2-327F

(204) 474-8304



Associate Head (Graduate)

Mark Tachie, Ph. D., P. Eng.

EITC E2-327H

(204) 474-9589







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